Even if you’re traveling all over this fast paced world for work – you still have time to stay fit and keep in shape. Excuses do not keep you fit and in shape and there is no excuse to become a traveling couch potato. You can stay in great shape even when traveling for business and/or pleasure.

With a little creativity you can use your hotel room as the gym of the day. Simply pack some collapsible hand weights or resistance bands and you can tun your hotel room into an indoor gym.

Bands are great for getting resistance and take up little space and added weight on your travels. Use the chairs and other pieces of furniture to your advantage to satisfy all of your fitness needs. Body weight exercises are enough for a great workout until you get back into your regular fitness regime.

Being involved with groups of leadership centered around health and wellness are key to giving you that added push that you may desperately need. The company I am working with offers a complete health and wellness program centered and developed for everyone in mind. For the traveler or not, we have you covered. With easy to follow work out schedules plus no more than seven minutes per work out session there is no more excuses.

And our Facebook group is seriously supportive!

We understand that working out is not as easily done when you are en-route to your next destination. There are other alternatives to not working out at all. Stretch in your room, take a long walk around the hotel grounds. Take a swim if there’s a pool. Swimming is definitely a workout that will work every muscle in your body. With all of these ideas for a good work out you should no longer have any excuse for not continuing your fitness routine while traveling. Just remember that it doesn’t really matter where you are when you do your work out but that you do your work out where you are. And if you can’t do the exact routine that you are used to, just take solace in the fact that you are getting a workout and are moving your body. Best of luck with your travels!



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