Driving the “road” to Cholla Bay

My first trip was to Rocky Point Mexico to see my favorite band Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers–  play their weekend concert (aka Circus Mexicus) on the beach.  I flew to Phoenix alone, hopped on a shuttle bus and was driven four hours into Mexico.  I knew nobody and had never traveled before.  On the third day I realized the taxi situation was lackluster so I wound up renting a car . . . oh the irony – afraid to drive in Seattle but no fear in renting a car in Mexico.

Following my June trip to Mexico I ventured to Las Vegas in September.  It wasn’t my favorite trip . . . not being a big drinker and being there alone, I didn’t experience the night life.  I found it way to hot to enjoy being outdoors and with it being labor day weekend the line ups etc were horrendous.  My back and feet were killing me and I could barely walk after just one day . . . I felt that I had to do something to make the trip memorable . . .

Barb’s Vegas Skydive

So I booked myself for a skydive on the last day.  They picked me up at the hotel and drove me out to the airstrip.  My tandem dude was awesome, listening to my concerns on how I would manage the landing with my stiff legs and then coming up with a solution to make it work.  He was really great and I boarded the plane with zero fear.  This was after a lengthy delay while they did unscheduled airplane maintenance – my sister thought I was nuts but I figured I was going up with a parachute on so what could possibly go wrong?  Click on the picture above or here to view the video of my skydive.

The next month I ventured to Denver, Colorado for a few days and jammed in a bunch of adventure…

I was there to see a couple of shows . . . and so much more!  I visited the Buffalo Bill museum and explored that area before seeing the first show at the Soiled Dove that night.  The next day was packed with plans.  I went on a beautiful open air train ride through the Rockies . .  and then drove a few hours to go one ONE ride – the giant Canyon Swing at Glenwood Caverns. Seriously – the picture above doesn’t do it justice . . . so click on it to see the video . . .  this “arm” swings you out over an immense canyon looking straight down into the Colorado River . . . it was thrilling!

The Railbenders – at The Little Bear Saloon

I also went to the Hot Springs in the area as well, where Doc Holiday used to soak, but time only allowed me a quick dip and then I had to turn around and drive a few hours back for the second show at the legendary Little Bear Saloon in Evergreen Colorado.  No, I did not throw my bra up on stage.

The Rock Boat

For the next few years I continued my travels.  I returned to Rocky Point a few times including a detour to Tombstone AZ for a couple of days.  I returned to Colorado as well.  I also discovered The Rock Boat – an amazing cruise event that jams a music festival onto a Cruise.  Just imagine being waist deep in the Caribbean with a cold Corona watching your favorite band perform on a beach stage . . . or soaking in the hot tub while they play . . . it was incredible. I’ve been back for two more Rock Boats, with my fourth on calendar January 2020!



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