A new selfie stick calls for a photo shoot with my favourite personalities … Sleeman and Stella. Yes, both are named for a beer ….

But in my defense – “high end” beers lol

The husky, Sleeman, is almost ten and a very big part of my why. I got him on a foolish whim while living in a tiny basement suite… and thanks to his energy I had to start dragging my self out into the world. I live in a town surrounded by forests, lakes, mountains etc but had never had the nerve to venture out into the wilderness.

Sleeman and I would go on grand adventures … down new dirt roads and paths … I never feared as I knew he’d deter the bears and cougars or at the very worst die fighting while I got away.

Sleeman is/was a ginormous confidence booster for me. An extremely intuitive dog, he knows when to pull the leash a bit to pull me up a hill, or stand steady while I use him for balance going back down.

Stella . . . lol what can I say about Stella.  My little black German Shepard came along when Sleeman was three.  I thought he needed a friend.  He probably would have been just as happy carrying on as the center of the universe ha ha.  She’s a wing nut.  Totally OCD about her toys and a bundle of energy that I simply wasn’t prepared for.  She’s calmed down quite a bit now but her first few years were rough.

After i took a fall a couple of years ago I’ve not been able to do these adventures with them and am constantly feeling guilty because in their later years I can’t give them the fun life they were used to …. constantly working and being in pain has taken away my freedom ….

Getting back in shape with Now Body while growing a residual income to reduce my work requirements is going to allow me to get back to living life on my terms ….

A life where I don’t feel guilty for neglecting my best friends …

A life of fun, adventure, and laughs.

I’m going to live life on my terms . . .

Love what I do every single day. . .

And laugh because life will be on big party!

That’s a little glimpse into my why 🙂



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