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Joel Therien had a promising career ahead as a personal trainer and a second professional career right out of University as a Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist. Even with an amazing boss, great working colleagues and a pretty good salary of $52,000 a year (20 years ago!) he wanted more. He wanted to provide a better future for himself and his family and the thought of doing stress testing at a hospital for the next 40 years started to lose its appeal. After eight months he quit.

At 27 years of age he started to lose his health and became a “medical mystery”. Diagnosis ranged from Lou Gehrig’s disease to multiple sclerosis to brain cancer. He went from a lean muscular 240 pounds with 7% body fat down to 165 pounds. As a bodybuilder, this deeply concerned him and he turned to the internet to look for answers.

After much research Joel determined that he had been experiencing. He had been on a diet of various products that contained Aspartame to maintain his low body fat levels and believed that he had been over-consuming this additive and was poisoning himself. Aspartame has been approved by various world food authorities and the debate on its toxicity still rages on.

Joel’s Story and Mission

He spent almost 12 hours a day for two full years on the Internet in a small 800 sq. ft. row house with his young family. His expenses were relatively low but he was near emotional, physical, and financial ruin.  “I still wasn’t feeling well physically and I still had not made a single sale online in 2 years. The emotional pressure was overwhelming.”  He pushed through the difficulties and even with his health setbacks he was able to build up a very profitable multi million dollar business that has been up and running now since 1998.

That company is Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO).  Joel credits the long term 20 year success of GVO to offering true business to business products that business owners and network marketers actually need!! At a great price!

His motto “You do NOT have a great opportunity if you do NOT have great products that people are willing to pay for despite the opportunity”  Joel admits, during the climb of GVO he was still suffering from the effects of aspartame poisoning. Constant food allergies, debilitating migraines were the norm. But he pushed on.  Now, after a lot of homeopathy, acupuncture, and organic foods his worst days are behind him. “For the past 5 years I have been once again in the gym regularly. It feels great to have built the same body I once had in my 20’s but now even better at age 44”.

Receiving my NowBody Certification from Joel in Schertz, Texas

His new company will be by far the biggest and most successful program he has ever done. Joel’s true passion is in sharing his health and wellness knowledge with the world. Healthy again, he has combined his 20 years of online marketing experience with his 33 years of personal training experience to create a phenomenal opportunity for anyone.

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