I was very lucky to spend time with Ilona Therien at the Now Lifestyle corporate gym last year and we chose to focus on my Chest & Triceps workout, in addition to working on my hamstrings the day before.  Even though I had been following the program for a couple of months before my visit, I learned during my workouts with Ilona that I needed to use far more weight than I had been in order to properly fail.


You see, with the Now Body system, FAIL is not a four letter word rather it is the ultimate goal!

By working your muscles to positive momentary muscular failure and then allowing that muscle group to rest for 10 days you promote muscle repair and growth.  This allows the workouts to be completed in a very timely fashion and you do not need to spend hours at the gym.

Did you know that 98% of people who start a workout system don’t stick with it?  I know in the past I would have difficulty sticking with a program, devoting so much time each day to being in the gym.  At one time I was literally doing 60 minutes of cardio or more and then adding weight training on top of that!  That routine was never meant to stick.  When you add in your typical everyday obligations – work, family, friends, home, pets  . . . HOW can you possibly include hours at the gym on top of all that?  In reality, the gym is usually the first thing we let slip.

But this system is so very different.  By putting yourself on the 7 minute workout routine (that’s 7 minutes, every other day) and making two very simple modifications to your diet – your body will strengthen and excess fat will seemingly melt away.

I am now spending a fraction of the time at the gym and I am getting in the best shape of my life!!  As an added bonus – the business component of Now Lifestyle allows me to get PAID while getting in shape!!  Find out how here.

Day 7 of the Now Body routine focuses on chest and triceps

Barb doing the Incline Bench Press at Now Lifestyle Corporate Gym
Barb doing Pec Delt Fly at Now Lifestyle Corporate Gym
Barb doing the Cable Crossover at Now Lifestyle Corporate Gym
Barb doing Tricep Exercises at Now Lifestyle Corporate Gym
More Tricep Exercise at Now Lifestyle Corporate Gym

Our program includes video instructions for each muscle group . . . images of Joel are taken right off of our site.  These are the three exercises that work the chest (upper, mid, lower) and then there are videos for triceps.

This proves that even with mobility or neurological movement problems (Cerebral Palsy in my case) that it is possible to follow this workout system and get in the best shape of your life!!



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