I’m a forty-something woman living on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  With a 20 year career in Accounting I have recently decided to expand my horizons into Network Marketing & Online Income Generation and I am loving everything about it so far!

My decision to do this was motivated by health issues.  At 9 months of age I became mysteriously ill.  The illness was never diagnosed but it caused a sudden onset deterioration and left me with a minor case of Cerebral Palsy (or so the official diagnosis says . . . I’m somewhat of a medical mystery).  Gratefully I can say I had excellent orthopedic management as a child and my condition hasn’t impeded my ability to work in a professional career (Accountant), own my own home, and take care of my two crazy dogs.

About 13 years ago I realized my weight had crept up far beyond my comfort zone.  I had been dieting with little success so I joined a gym.  This was by far one of my best decisions… ever.  I had joined simply for weight management but I quickly realized that my mobility improved significantly and I suffered far fewer aches and pains.  Physical difficulties that I had always assumed I had to live with had gotten better or simply become non-existent.  My energy levels soared as did my positive mood and mental focus. Until that point in my life (approximately 30 years old) I had no idea that it was only “me myself and I” who had the POWER to improve my physical being.

Committed To Building An Online Business . . .

It was this fall and ensuing pain that led me to once again look into how I could possibly earn an income online.  I had known for years that people were doing it and knew I had the aptitude to figure it out.

Over the past 10 years working from home I had completely failed to take advantage of my great position to buckle down and do it, to actually build a business online.  Having seen so many get rich quick scenarios in the past I just never understood that it is a business that takes time and consistency and you will not get rich overnight or fire your boss next week.  How I wish that I had understood that 10 years ago and just worked in the background building a list and growing my online presence.

I have joined a few companies but the one that has proven itself to me is a Health and Wellness company designed for Network Marketers.  We offer all of the tools one needs to build a successful online business as well as nutritional products and a suite of on-demand video workouts designed to get you into the best shape of your life.  Customers have the option to exclusively utilize the health and wellness offerings of the company, and/or the email marketing tools.  The business tools can be used to promote our company or ANY company/product you wish to promote.

This company was developed by Joel Therien.  Joel has a twenty year career in network marketing and has already built successful online businesses such as Pure Leverage and Global Virtual Opportunities.  He has taken his lifetime passion for health and wellness and his burning desire to eradicate heart disease, obesity and diabetes and combined it with his experience in Network Marketing to bring us Now Lifestyle and The Now Body System.  

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