In the past several years I’ve been observing a trend on social media that concerns me – the seemingly constant promotion of things promising to:

  • Help you lose weight
  • Make you feel “better”
  • Increase your mental focus

But the harsh reality is: You JUST need to DO THE WORK!!

There is no better solution to feeling sluggish, overweight, and tired than improving your lifestyle. Diet and exercise can do amazing things!

I’m living proof of this. With the increasing aches and pains associated with aging with Cerebral Palsy, I can refute most “reasons” given for simply not finding the time or motivation to improve lifestyle. If I can do it the “old fashioned way” … you can too!

You see, I’ve tried so many “magic pills/potions” over the years, each time with renewed hope that THIS is the ONE!  I fork over my hard earned money and excitedly take my pill/potion and wait to look and feel better.

And why would I exercise or watch my diet during this time? I mean, I’ve paid good money and I’m taking something that’s going to do all the work for me…


There’s one thing I’ve learned time and again and that’s that if I just make a few simple modifications to my lifestyle, and incorporate some exercise into my life, everything gets better!

These products, in my humble opinion, are so dangerous because they delude people into thinking that they can solve all their problems without doing any work.

But why not … JUST DO THE WORK?

Seriously … Just Do The Work!

And it’s really NOT that much work if truth be told.

What is improved health worth to you?

If a person is willing to spend sometimes hundreds of dollars per month to feel better … why not give an hour or less of time per day to this?  Why not spend a little extra money on healthier food choices, than spend that money on a quick fix?

I’ve been working a program that has allowed me to trim my body fat, improve my mental focus, and strengthen my body.  By simply incorporating TWO, yes I said TWO, simple diet modifications … and spending approximately 15-20 minutes in the gym every OTHER day, this program has done absolute wonders for me.

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