When I began my online business effort in September of 2016 I found myself once again signing up for several Safe Lists . . . If you are new to Safe Lists – they can be best explained as “legal spam”.

Upon signing up you agree to view other members advertising in exchange for credits which allow you to send out your own ads.  If you have a tight budget then this is certainly the most cost effective way to get your ad in front of as many eyes as possible.  Then there is the basic truth that those who are joining Safe Lists and viewing your ads are just like Y-O-U – they are working to build a home based business – a.k.a. your target audience.

The more ads you view, the more ads you may send . .  . Sounds simple enough, right?

It does become rather cumbersome though.  The more lists you join the more email you receive on a daily basis.  Many pages put a Captcha that you must complete to confirm you are not a “robot” either on every ad or scattered, while others only allow 3 pages to be open at a time.  Then there are those glorious Safe Lists that allow you to open one page after another in rapid succession with no Captcha or limits.  Until you determine the most efficient way to organize your inbox and attack the masses of email you receive it can be quite overwhelming.  There were days when I felt like credit clicking was all I had done.

Of course with every Free Safe List membership there is an option of a paid upgrade.  Upgrades can be in the form of a monthly subscription, and annual subscription, and even lifetime.  My preference is lifetime upgrades – it may be a heftier payment but it is just that one time payment and then you never have to worry again.

At this point I would guess I’m up to about 30 Safe Lists.  Some I truly dislike and will be deactivating soon.  You learn as you go which ones you want to remain with and which ones you like enough to upgrade in.

For someone just beginning their Safe List efforts I recommend these three sites.  They are all rather simple to use and I have had great results from them all.  They have significant membership numbers and allow for frequent mailing.  These are great sites to get your feet wet and determine if you want to sign up for more.

Pangea – This site has a great system for credit collection.  While you don’t need to complete a captcha and there’s no limit on pages you open . .  it is to your benefit to close the ads slowly and claim “eggs” planted for extra credits.  There are over 100,000 members and mailing from this page is about as simple as I’ve ever seen.

Mailsy – Of course who wouldn’t be attracted to the little blue bird that is the mascot of Mailsy?  This is another simple to use site that allows you to save multiple messages for future mailing.  It also allows you to schedule the time of the mailing rather than the more common option of “send now”.  You do need to click a Captcha in each and every email to earn credits . . . but these ones are about as cute as it gets 🙂

European SafeList – This is another safelist with a significant member base and it’s been around a long time.  I’m at an upgraded level that allows me to send 3 messages per day to about 17,000 members.  There are no Captchas to complete in reading emails nor is there any limit to how many ads you can open at a time.  This is one where you can open messages in rapid succession and just “git-er done”.  Depending upon your level you can save a number of emails for future mailing.


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