Since the 1970’s the percentage of children with obesity has more than tripled.  Approximately 1 in […]
As a Certified NowBody Coach I am qualified to guide you through the very simple lifestyle […]
In the past several years I’ve been observing a trend on social media that concerns me […]
I have observed a disturbing trend in health management.  The “magic pill/potion”.  You know what I […]
I joined a health and fitness program quite some time ago but have never fully committed […]
When working from home how do you draw the line between your professional life and your […]
Write down your goals on a piece of paper and take a moment to visualize the […]
I have an interesting history with regard to my Cerebral Palsy.  I was born with no […]
Addiction crept into my relationship five years ago and turmoil accompanied it.  Confronted with stress, anguish […]
Stretching . . . It’s a love-hate relationship for me and stretching. My Cerebral Palsy has […]